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Restaurant Insurance

Jared Reynolds Insurance

Restaurant Insurance

No two restaurants are the same, so your insurance coverage shouldn’t follow a cookie-cutter model. At Jared Reynolds Insurance, we customize every restaurant insurance policy, whether you’re a bistro, coffee shop, pizza place, or gourmet establishment.

Your restaurant insurance should consist of multiple components to offer you the best coverage should the unexpected occur. Think of it like a buffet, where you pick the right types of insurance for your needs.

Commercial Liability Insurance

Start with commercial liability insurance. We recommend this for all businesses, as it protects you and your employees in case of things like accidents or injuries on your premises.

For instance, a patron could slip and fall on a freshly mopped floor, breaking their leg. Rather than suing you for medical expenses, they can be reimbursed for care from your liability policy.

Restaurants, in particular, are full of liability risks, like food poisoning, overserving alcohol, and burns. Your liability insurance keeps you from losing all that you’ve worked hard to build by covering liability scenarios. It can even cover court costs and attorney’s fees if necessary.

You can easily increase your general liability coverage by adding a commercial umbrella policy. It would pick up when you reach the cap on your general liability insurance.

Restaurant Insurance to Protect Your Investment

There are other types of restaurant insurance you may wish to explore, based on your unique business model, such as:

  • Property insurance, whether you own or rent your location
  • Workers’ compensation to cover employees injured on the job
  • Cyber insurance in case of stolen credit card or personal information
  • Equipment insurance for your refrigerators, ovens, and other essentials
  • Inventory insurance to protect your food and supplies in case of spoilage
  • Liquor liability insurance if you serve alcohol or cater special events
  • Loss of income insurance if events outside your control prevent operation

We also recommend commercial auto insurance if you use vehicles in the operation of your restaurant business, whether to pick up supplies, deliver food, or cater events. You can even get specialized food truck insurance if that’s your business model or an extension of your brick-and-mortar restaurant.

Personalized Service with More Choice

When you want personalized service and a restaurant policy tailored to your business, you might find yourself frustrated with big companies and their captive agents. But with independent insurance agents, you get more choice and old-fashioned customer service.

At Jared Reynolds Insurance, we work with all the major carriers, plus others you may not know about, so we can offer you a wider selection of insurance solutions. Request a quote today and one of our insurance experts will help you find restaurant insurance that fits your needs.