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Business Insurance

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Commercial Insurance in Marietta, OH

Is Your Marietta, OH, Business Protected From Financial Risks?

It doesn’t matter what size your business is — it’s at risk of financial catastrophe from property damage, liability claims, cyber crimes, and more without the right commercial insurance.

Commercial insurance protects your business should the unexpected occur, so you don’t have to lose your assets to cover a lawsuit, settlement, natural disaster, theft, or data breach.

Start With Liability Insurance

Liability claims are where businesses today are typically most vulnerable. If someone slips and hurts themself on your property, for instance, they could sue you for medical care or disability, which is quite costly. A liability lawsuit or settlement averages over $1 million, even for small businesses, which could put many companies out of business entirely. General liability insurance covers judgments, court fees, attorney expenses, and similar costs in these scenarios.

There are different kinds of liability coverage for specific cases:

  • Employment practices insurance if you are accused of wrongful termination, harassment, discrimination, etc.
  • Errors and omissions insurance in case your business makes a mistake that carries severe consequences for a customer
  • Directors and officers' insurance in case your leadership’s actions have a negative outcome

Need more liability coverage? Add a business umbrella policy to enjoy the peace of mind that comes with a higher coverage limit.

Assemble Your Commercial Insurance Policy With These Other Elements

Don’t forget that your business risks aren’t just related to liability. You can add many other kinds of insurance to protect your company fully:

  • Property insurance for your business premises and things like equipment, tools, and inventory
  • Equipment breakdown insurance for equipment failure that impacts operation
  • Earthquake and flood insurance to increase property insurance protection
  • Commercial auto insurance for cars, trucks, and vans used for business purposes
  • Cyber insurance in the event of ID theft, hacking, or a data breach
  • Workers' compensation in case an employee becomes injured on the job
  • Inland marine insurance to cover valuable items belonging to others while in transit
  • Loss of income insurance if you can’t operate normally due to incidents beyond your control
  • Bonds for when your promise to uphold professional standards or complete a job on time is on the line

Ask us about commercial insurance customized for certain professions, such as barbering, engineering, landscaping, and contracting.

Our Independent Agents Offer Superior Customer Service

You will appreciate the customer service we offer businesses in the Marietta, OH, area. We tailor every policy individually to the business’s needs and can give you an enormous menu of insurance products. We partner with all the major carriers, plus some smaller ones, so we’re not tied to one company.

We take the time to ensure you’re not vulnerable due to gaps in commercial insurance coverage. Call us at 740-588-9090 today to make sure your business is adequately protected. For your convenience, you can also start a policy any time online.