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Commercial Liability Insurance

Commercial Liability Insurance

Owning a business is a big investment and responsibility. Unfortunately, you could see all of your hard work go down the drain with just one accident on your premises or one lawsuit that requires you to pay damages. Commercial general liability insurance protects you from this financial vulnerability — one that could potentially force you to close and take away your employees’ livelihoods.

You Can Get Broad Coverage From Commercial General Liability Insurance

When you have a business liability policy, you are protected from a wide range of scenarios that could deplete your assets or cause you to shut your doors in Zanesville for good:

  • Damage to a property you rent for your business
  • Bodily injuries to visitors on your premises
  • Damages resulting from advertising

Another advantage to commercial liability coverage is you can customize it for certain business needs, depending on the type of business you operate:

  • Errors and omissions insurance (aka professional liability insurance), if a mistake in your work has serious consequences, such as when practicing architecture, engineering, accounting, or law
  • Employment practices liability insurance to cover issues like wrongful termination, harassment, or violation of employee rights
  • Directors and officers insurance to protect the company’s officers and directors if they are found to have caused damages

Let Our Independent Agents Give You Peace of Mind

You can worry less about accidents, injuries, and litigation when you have the right commercial liability coverage. Our independent agents at Jared Reynolds Insurance have access to hundreds of business insurance products, so we can tailor a policy to your unique needs. Plus, you get the kind of personalized service you’ll never find with those big insurance companies.

We can also add other types of business protection, such as commercial auto, property coverage, and bonds, depending on the kind of business you own and the risks associated with it. You can even increase your liability protection with a business umbrella policy. To learn more, call us today at 740-588-9090, or start a policy online, and we’ll reach out to make sure you have all the coverage you need.