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Help Protect Your Rental Property with These Smart Devices

Smart Device Management
Smart Device Management by Jakub Zerdzicki

If you own a rental property — whether a long-term one or a short-stay place you rent out to vacationers — you want to treat it like a business, as it provides income for you. Here are six smart devices that can help you protect your financial investment, minimize complaints from neighbors, and help reduce the risk of insurance claims.

Smart Thermostat

A smart thermostat goes beyond simple programmable features that let you automate when your heat and air conditioning go on and off. You can control a smart thermostat via a mobile device, so you don’t have to be physically on your property to adjust temperature settings.

Having a smart thermostat makes it easy to make the thermostat unreachable to tenants while still responding to changing weather or renter complaints about being too hot or too cold. When guests leave, you can reduce energy consumption from your mobile phone until the next time someone is staying at the property.

Smart Plugs and Automatic Light Switches

To further reduce unnecessary electricity use, try installing smart plugs. These can also be controlled from afar from a mobile device to cut power when appliances aren’t in use or to turn on lamps to greet new renters.

Automatic light switches use either motion detection or light sensors to turn lights on or off. They’re ideal if you have tenants who frequently forget to shut off the lights when they should. You can also use automatic lights outdoors for increased safety and a nicer ambiance. A photocell inside the fixture will turn it on when the sun goes down and off again when the sun rises or after a set number of hours — no wasted electricity.

Smart Door Locks

You don’t have to worry about exchanging keys or tenant lockouts when you add smart door locks to your entryway. Give each new renter a passcode for the keypad on the lock. Once that tenant checks out, change the code again. You can also use smart locks to allow one-time entry remotely via your cell phone for cleaning staff or repair people.

Security Cameras

Installing outdoor security cameras outside can reassure you that a renter isn’t having a huge party or otherwise violating rules. Cameras can also make tenants feel more secure. It’s best to keep cameras on the exterior of the property to avoid any issues with tenant privacy violations.

Noise Detectors

Imagine having an extra set of ears in your rental property, always on the lookout for any signs of trouble. That's what noise detectors in smart home setups do. They're like having a reliable neighbor who can recognize important sounds, like smoke alarms, carbon monoxide detectors, water leak sensors, or unexpected disturbances. When these detectors hear something worrisome, they send a quick alert to the property owner, no matter where you are, giving the ability to act swiftly to potential emergencies.

Wi-Fi/Connected Smoke Detectors

Regular smoke detectors are only helpful if someone is present on the property to hear the alarm. Wi-Fi/connected smoke detectors, on the other hand, send an alert to your mobile phone and/or to the local fire department if the alarm is triggered. This is helpful if the rental home is empty or a tenant is unable to hear or respond to the alarm, allowing you to act quickly from anywhere.

All these devices can help protect your rental property, but don’t forget another key line of defense: the right landlord insurance policy. We can help find an insurance policy customized for the specific type of rental property you own, whether you rent by the year, the summer, or the weekend. Call the independent agents at Jared Reynolds Insurance at 740-588-9090 to get the proper coverage for your property.