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Grain ComplexInsurance


Our Grain Complex coverage is a unique coverage in the insurance industry and is a perfect fit for our large grain farmers. Recognizing the important risks you face is what we do. We’re here to protect what matters most…your family and your farm.

Benefits of this coverage:
Convenience of blanketing all related grain structures as one insured value

  • We Cover - Rupture, bursting or implosion of your grain complex structures
  • Increased Coverage - For debris removal after a loss
  • Extra Expense - Coverage to get you back to normal when there’s an interruption
  • Loss of Income - Pays for lost income during that period of interruption
  • Electronic Data Processing - Coverage for your electronic equipment and media housed in the control room
  • Automatic for new construction at your grain complex – for new bins or new electronic controls
  • Spoilage of Grains - Pays market value of your damaged grain from a covered loss
  • Emergency Removal of Grain - Helps you keep your grain protected from further damage after a loss
  • Emergency Lifesaving Costs - Don’t worry about the cost to save someone’s life if an accident happens – we’ll cover first responder fees and emergency equipment needed

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