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Zanesville Insurance Jared Reynolds

At Reynolds Insurance we want to provide you with exceptional insurance claims service. Whether you need to file an insurance claim with your existing insurance company or file an insurance claim with another insurance company, we want to assist you with the beginning steps of doing so.

Insurance Company Directory

Below are phone numbers of insurance companies that are located in our area; please find the insurance company you need to file an insurance claim with, call the new insurance claim in, and then notify our office once complete. Furthermore, you can always call our office first to begin the insurance claim process.

Please let us know if you would like to see any additional insurance companies added to the list to better serve you.

Carrier NameClaims Phone Number
21st Century1-800-322-8200
A. Central1-866-222-2242
Acuity Insurance1-800-242-7666
Adirondack Insurance Exchange1-877-248-0555
Affirmative Insurance Services1-800-255-4687
Alfa Alliance Insurance Corp1-800-989-6053
Allied Insurance1-800-282-1446
American Bankers Insurance Company of Florida1-800-245-1505
American Commerce Insurance1-877-224-5677
American Family Insurance1-800-692-6326
American Strategic Insurance Corp1-866-274-5677
American Summit Insurance Corp1-800-749-6419 ext 5200
Atlas General Agency1-888-786-0003
Austin Mutual1-763-657-8650
Auto Owners Insurance1-888-252-4626
Auto-Owners Insurance1-800-356-6663
Baldwin Mutual Insurance1-251-943-8526
Bankers Insurance Group1-800-765-9700
Buckeye Union Insurance1-312-822-5000
Burlinton Insurance Company1-877-434-2667
California State Automobile Association1-800-922-8228
Capital City Insurance Company1-877-254-6819
Capital Preferred Insurance Company1-888-388-2742
CEM Insurance Company1-847-307-6300
Century - National Insurance1-800-733-1980
Chubb Personal Insurance1-800-252-4670
Cincinnati Insurance1-800-364-3400
Colonial American Casualty & Surety Company1-410-539-0800
Cornerstone National Insurance Co.1-888-735-5764
Country Financial1-800-846-0100
Dairyland Insurance Co.1-715-346-9200
Delta General Agency Corporation1-800-759-8656
Derrbrook Insurance Co.1-800-253-6611
Dryden Mutual1-800-782-0154
Erie Insurance1-800-367-3743
Everett Cash Mutual Insurance1-800-326-4968
Farmers Insurance Group1-800-435-7764
Federated National Insurance1-954-581-9993
Fidelity and Deposit Company of Maryland1-800-821-4635
Fidelity National Property & Casualty Ins. Co.1-800-725-9472
Finger Lakes1-607-387-6800 ext 125
First American Property & Casualty Insurance Co.1-888-993-8911
First Community Insurance Company1-800-765-9700
First Insurance of Hawaii, LTD1-808-527-7711
First Protective Insurance Company1-877-254-6819
Florida Family Mutual Insurance1-888-486-4663
Foremost Insurance Group1-800-527-3907
Franklin Homeowners Assurance Company1-610-524-4700
GAINSCO Auto Insurance1-972-629-4301
GMAC Insurance1-888-233-4575
Grange Insurance1-800-445-3030
Hagerty1-800-922-4050 ex 5
Hartford Steam Boiler1-888-472-5677
Hastings Mutual Insurance1-800-255-7137
High Point Preferred Insurance1-800-437-3535
Holyoke Mutual Insurance1-800-622-3780
Homesite Insurance Co.1-800-466-3748
Homewise Insurance1-888-830-7715
Horace Mann Insurance Co.1-800-999-1030
Hull & Company1-800-678-4855
I.B. Green1-407-295-5755
ICAT Specialty Insurance1-866-789-4228
Imperial Fire & Casualty Insurance1-877-254-6819
Infinity Insurance1-800-334-1661
Integrand Assurance Company1-787-781-0707 ext 364
Island Insurance Co., LTD1-888-312-2525
J.C. Taylor1-800-345-8290
Kemper Insurance1-888-252-2799
Liberty Mutual1-800-225-2467
Main Street America1-877-425-2467
Mapfre PRAICO Insurance Company1-787-250-5214
Merchants Insurance1-888-644-6680
Middlesex Mutual Assurance Company1-800-622-3780
Millville Mutual Insurance1-800-262-8495
Motorists Insurance1-800-876-8766
National Group Insurance1-305-460-2650
National Interstate Insurance1-800-597-1866
National Lloyds Insurance1-817-632-2612 ext 5200
New Hampshire Insurance Company1-877-366-8423
New Jersey Re-Insurance Company1-800-367-6564
New York Central Mutual1-888-234-6926
New York Municipal Insurance Reciprocal1-800-696-4705
NGM Insurance1-603-352-4000
North Pointe Insurance1-248-359-5793
North Sea Insurance1-516-825-2800
Ohio Fair Plan1-800-282-1772
Omega Insurance1-877-254-6819
Pacific Indemnity Insurance1-671-477-8801
Pennsylvania Lumbermans1-800-752-1895
Philadelphia Insurance1-800-765-9749
Pilgrim Insurance1-800-375-8239
Preferred Mutual Insurance1-800-333-7642
RLI Group1-800-331-4929
Seguros TRIPLE-S, Inc1-787-749-4600
Selective Insurance1-866-455-9969
Service Insurance1-941-746-4107
Southern Farm Bureau Casualty1-866-275-7322
State Auto1-800-766-1853
State Farm1-740-364-5000
State National Insurance Company1-877-486-7736
Sunshine State Insurance1-877-563-0150
Titan Auto Insurance1-800-926-3168
Tower Hill Preferred Insurance1-800-216-3711
Tower Insurance Group1-888-856-5522
Travelers Insurance1-800-252-4633
U.S. Security Insurance1-407-382-5051
Union Mutual1-800-671-8552
United Insurance1-800-861-4370
United Ohio Insurance1-419-562-3011
Universal Insurance Company of North America1-800-525-8835 ext 5
USAA General Indemnity Company1-800-531-8222
Utica National Insurance Group1-800-216-1420
Westfield Insurance1-800-443-3311
Windsor-Mount Joy Mutual Insurance1-717-733-8648
Zephyr Insurance1-808-440-5400
Zurich Insurance1-800-987-3373